Embryo Donation Programme

February 27, 2013 in Health

Embryo donation is seen as an alternative route to pregnancy. It helps couples that would otherwise be unable to conceive, carry a pregnancy to term. A relatively new procedure, embryo donation involves using another couple’s embryos in order to conceive. These donated embryos are then transferred into the uterus using frozen embryo transfer.

Embryo donation is chosen by many couples who are unable to afford conventional reproductive treatments or who have been unsuccessful with IVF treatments. This procedure is similar to egg donation. However, instead of borrowing the egg and using the recipient’s husband’s sperm for fertilization, both the egg and the sperms are derived from donors. Types of Embryo Donation:

There are two types of embryo donation

Embryo Sonation : Frozen embryo donation involves using frozen embryos donated by another infertile couple. Many couples go through IVF treatments in order to get pregnant. With each embryo transfer only 2 to 3 embryos are ever implanted .usually a couple get some extra embryos at each ivf cycle & therefore many couples choose to donate their remaining frozen embryos to couples who are having trouble conceiving.

Embryo Creation : This involves using a donated sperm & donated egg to create an Embryo.This resulting embryo is then transferred into your uterus.

There are many young patients who need IVF/ICSI procedure but who cannot afford it.These patients produce lot of eggs & hence many embryos.After taking proper informed consent of these patients (Embryo Donors) , some of their extra embryos are used for the recipients. In return, the costs of drugs of the younger patient are born by the receipient

At Sno clinic Embryo Donation is totally an anonymous process. There is absolutely no contact between the donor couple and the recipients, who never see each other. Unlike traditional adoption, the couple does not have to go through a legal process to adopt, but do so through medical treatment. This means that the couple ‘biologically adopts’ the embryo. There are many reasons why couples may prefer embryo adoption to adopting a child. For infertile couples, embryo adoption offers the unique opportunity to be pregnant, to bond with their child prior to birth, and to give birth. Embryo adoption also offers couples privacy and secrecy, so that they do not need to worry about societal acceptance of their adopted child. Embryo adoption is an alternative for infertile couples who need egg or sperm donation.

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