Security is Affordable for Any Budget

January 24, 2016 in Home

I can have some pretty strong opinions about things. When my friends and I got into a discussion about home security, my views were in the minority initially. A lot of my friends felt that a home security system, a quality one, was something for elite homeowners, but I disagreed. I felt that just about anyone, despite their budget, could have a great security system installed at their home. I can understand why they thought that, especially when it comes to a home security company like ADT Security, but they have systems that can and will fit any budget.

I know this because I have had their home security system and monitoring package for several years now. While I am comfortable now, which is why they thought I had the system, I was not always that way. When I first got my home, I was a new husband with a baby on the way just a few months after the wedding. I was a college graduate, which meant I was starting at the bottom in my company, and I had all of my student loans to pay back. I was definitely struggling, but I still put my family’s security first.

I was able to get a free ADT security system installed at no charge, and the monitoring services were not expensive at all. I got the most basic monitoring package, which still covered the essentials and then some, and it was just a bit more than a dollar a day. I was spending that on my morning coffee at the gas station, and I could not justify that expense but not one protecting my family. Since telling some of my friends this, they have looked into ADT as well, and they are now satisfied customers too. Great security is for everyone, not just the elite.

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