Surrogacy Programme

April 24, 2013 in Health

Surrogacy Programme

Sno with its state-of-the-art artificial reproductive technology (IVF, Surrogacy etc) and advanced facilities, is dedicated to bring Bundle of joy to the couple who are incapable of having their own child by means of Gestational Surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is done through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The recipient mother or an egg donor provides the eggs which are fertilized with the sperm of the recipient father or a sperm donor.

The resulting embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate (host). It is the only method by which an infertile couple can have the advantage of having their own genetic child without compromising the baby’s health and intended mother’s health.

Since surrogate has no genetic link to the baby she is carrying, the child is the genetic property of the couples & the surrogacy contract is legally recognized & enforceable. Unlike adoption, there is no risk of the genetic mother changing her mind about taking the baby. Gestational Surrogacy Procedure at Sno : Requirements for Gestational Surrogacy Keeping in view the need & importance of surrogacy and to avoid the misuse of surrogacy , certain guidelines have been laid down. A contract is drafted specifying that the baby becomes the legitimate adopted child of the genetic couple. The genetic parents, the surrogate mother and her spouse will sign this document. Requirements of the sperm donor and the Oocyte (egg) Donor are – they should be free of HIV, hepatitis B and C infections, sexually transmitted diseases, hypertension and other medical conditions. The blood group, Rh status, age, height, weight, etc. are also determined and stored for future references

Screening the surrogate (HOST):
Sno services begin with finding an Indian surrogate, who is sourced by means of advertisements in local newspapers given by the Gamete Bank on your behalf. The clinic ensures that surrogate mothers taken into their program are qualified for the job. Sno makes sure they are in the age bracket of 21-35 years, and their pregnancy history mentions normal deliveries and healthy babies. She is tested for HIV beforehand, and tested again, just before embryo transfer. At Sno the surrogate (host) has to go through basic serological screening tests, and investigated for infectious diseases, and thalassemia.

The process
The Sno gestational surrogacy program process begins with Estrogen tablets that are given to the surrogate to prepare her endometrium (lining of the uterus) from the first day of her menses. Alongside, the genetic mother will be given Gonadotropin injections from day 1 of her menses, which will continue daily for approximately 10 days. Within that time period, mature eggs will have developed in both ovaries of the genetic mother.

The egg pick-up will be around Day#13. On the day of the egg pick-up, the genetic father provides his semen sample. On Day#15 Sno experts start the embryo transfer, into the surrogate, guided by an ultrasound. The surrogate is then put onto certain injections and tablets for luteal support. After 15 days of this, a pregnancy test is done to confirm the pregnancy.

Delivery and Birth Certificate
Genetic parents need to be present in the fertility clinic in the beginning stage (as explained above) and during the delivery of the baby. Once the embryo transfer has taken place, the surrogate is placed under the care of sno efficient obstetricians till term (9 months). Genetic parents will be provided with regular updates about the surrogate mother’s progress through e-mail. The baby will be delivered in a hospital set up and handed over to the genetic parents immediately following the birth.

The Government of India issues a birth certificate in the name of the Intended parents / Genetic parents. Sno requests genetic parents to educate themselves about the prevailing laws in their country. This helps in speedy facilitation of the formalities required to carry their baby back to their country. Sno also provides the genetic parents with services of a lawyer to expedite the paperwork.

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