April 12, 2011 in Health


Infertility is a situation when a couple is not able to conceive for atleast one year of regular unprotected coitus/sexual intercourse. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility is said to affect nearly 10% of the reproductive population. Infertility in women can occur due to many reasons.

Today advanced reproductive technology with strong drugs, hormones and surgery has been able to tackle many of the causes of infertility. They might help you tackle your problems and chart your way to parenthood..My staff and I appreciate you visiting us on-line. We recognize that infertility is a deeply personal issue affecting couples in all areas of their lives. Our fertility programme is designed to address each couple’s unique medical, emotional and financial need.

Our clinic’s main focus is to provide you with the best fertility, obstetrics and gynecological care and help you fulfill your dream of expanding your family. We assure you that through each step of your care, we will provide state of the art treatment in a patient friendly enviormnent under the safest and most ethical professional conditions.

We hope that the information provided here answers your questions about our fertility care and services. If not, please contact any member of our clinic for clarification or more information.

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